To get the most out of technology, try setting some limits. Start by limiting your phone time, then move on to other tech habits. By using these simple rules, you’ll be able to gain control over your tech usage and reduce distractions. The following are the top tips for technological boundaries.

Make Media Rules

Media doesn’t have a life span like people do it’s forever. If you’ve got kids or teens who want their own media devices, you’re going to need plenty of parental guidelines in place for them. You can start with things as simple as not letting them take away from bedtime routines. And if they aren’t old enough yet to handle everything on their device, you might want to think about getting them an iPad Pro instead of purchasing an Android tablet.

Use Parental Controls

Not only is this the easiest way to stop unauthorized access to content, but it also keeps kids safe when they are connected to Wi-Fi networks that are open to anyone. This includes public hotspots, too! Be sure that all apps have age restrictions set up for children even It would be irresponsible to sell an app to a child without having any controls placed on it.

Stay Up To Date With Security Updates

It seems obvious, but make sure that both your home router and computer are running the latest version of the firmware. If you’re using an older model router or computer, check manufacturer reviews before buying. When you purchase new products, look for hardware bundles where your security software comes alongside the modem and/or router. The sooner you can update them, the less likely hackers will have an opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities in your network.

Encourage Face-face Interactions

Talking to kids face-to-face encourages communication, which helps build relationships. Give them opportunities to engage in conversations about what matters most to them. And don’t wait until they come off screens before having those conversations; talk to your kids while playing together, reading books, or doing homework.

Set Boundaries On Privacy Settings

Many parents worry about how much information their children share online, but there isn’t an easy fix. But there are ways to limit data sharing. Your best bet is to turn off location services completely. This may mean making sure your phone doesn’t recognize wireless networks, either. Also, consider turning off the ability to post photos directly to social platforms. Finally, be sure to block websites on your browsers. It’s one thing to allow your kid to watch videos on YouTube — it’s another to let him go straight to Netflix to binge all day long.

In conclusion, the above are some of the top tips for technological boundaries.