If you want to start a company, then you’re going to need employees to get things done. And if you want to attract top talent, you’re likely to look into the perks that each company offers. This guide covers the top tech jobs to consider if you want to start a tech company.

Technical Support Specialist

The best way to explain what technical support specialists do is by providing an example: Let’s say your computer is running slow and it keeps giving error messages on startup or after a while of use. You call customer service for help, but they can’t fix it. Then someone else calls them, and maybe they try to give you some instructions to follow. But you continue getting error messages in the end. That’s when a technical support specialist would step up and solve your problem. Their job is to troubleshoot all sorts of issues that customers run into with their computers, smartphones, routers, televisions, fr crazy vegas games and etc. They usually work remotely, so they may never meet their clients face-to-face.

Computer Programmer

The good news is that technology has made it easier than ever before to learn coding as a career path. For one thing, you don’t have to go back to school now that free online courses are available for just about anything. Plus, there are more opportunities than ever for those who already know how to code to begin building a career around their skillset. If you’re looking for something new to explore, take a look at this list. It contains some of the most popular programs out there. After you identify which program will be right for you, check out our top 5 free online degrees.

Web Developer

Nowadays, almost anyone can build a website with the click of a button by using a drag-and-drop tool like WordPress. However, web development takes much more skill and knowledge than that. Not only does a developer need to know HTML and CSS well, but also other aspects such as programming languages (JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python), databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite), user interface design, graphics, security, usability, SEO, content management systems, etc. The result? A successful career requires years of experience. If you’re interested in web development, keep reading below to find out how to make money from home.


As you can see, starting a business from home may not be easy—as long as you choose the wrong option. If you want to succeed, you first must determine whether you want to start your own company or work for another person. Once you’ve chosen either route, you’ll need to get started. In addition, be sure to keep an eye on regulations, taxes, and government incentives. Make sure to budget appropriately and consider hiring employees if necessary. Whatever route you decide to pursue, we wish you luck!